ZEF is as Die Antwoord Does


Die Antwoord (Afrikaan for “the Answer”), South Africa’s rave-rap outfit, want “Zef” to be the first word that comes to mind at the mention of their country, not “apartheid.” What’s Zef, you say? According to singer Yo-Landi  Zef is, “associated with people who soup their cars up and rock gold and shit. Zef is, you're poor but you're fancy. You're poor but you're sexy, you've got style." Translation: Zef is Afrikaan slang for a merging of gangsta bling and redneck pride. [youtube]Q77YBmtd2Rw[/youtube]

"ZEF Side"

Rapper Ninja, singer Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek (who makes all the beats on his "P.C. computer") started performing a couple years ago as Die Antwoord. Their DIY style of music production and marketing epitomize the digital generation. They used the technology available, recorded an album and then took to social media and youtube.  And “presto” -- an epoch defining group emerged. Six years ago such a feat would've been nearly impossible.


Die Antwoord go to Amoeba Records

As Die Antwoord took to Internet stardom, westerners weren’t sure whether to take them seriously or as an elaborate joke. For the band opinions people hold of them don’t matter, they’re Zef to the core. That’s to say that they are playing characters, however they're letting this opportunity be a chance to authentically become those characters. Although Yo-Landi and Ninja have a kid together, Die Antwoord is their self-proclaimed baby. Such an approach has led to them getting picked up by Interscope Records, performing at Coachella, staring in a short film, Umshini Wam, by Harmony Korine, being featured in MTV's Vice Guide to Everything and getting to produce a single and music video with Diplo.


"Enter Ninja"

In South Africa many conservatives have been outraged by Die Antwoord's blatant and vulgar lyrical blend of Afrikaan and English. For the rest of the world DIe Antwoord is an introduction into the poor white South African suburbs, a culture many have never even considered to exist. Like most epoch defining bands Die Antwoord may not sustain a long lasting career but at this time they’re a group worth paying attention to.



"Rich Bitch"