Southern California Students Stand #WithSyria


As the conflict in Syria rolls into its fourth year, people across the globe are uniting their voices in solidarity with the displaced and oppressed people of Syria under the hashtag #WithSyria. At California State University Long Beach, one of the most diverse campuses in the United States, students of all walks of life joined the campus wide effort to let the world know that this is not merely a Syrian crisis - but a human crisis. Many students took photos for their social media avatars with red balloons, an ode to the Banksy painting on the Palestinian side of Israel West Bank Barrier of a little girl being lifted into the sky by a red balloon as well as the civilian blood spilled in Syria. For those who wanted more information about the facts on the ground, members of the Muslim Student Association, UNHCR, and yours truly were there to answer questions. For more information about the events of the week checkout the Facebook page CSULB Syrian Solidarity Week, or look for an event in your local area. [youtube]gb1VpT8nJKM[/youtube]