White House Strikes Back: Calls Republican Party the "R" Word

Racist. "Should we be surprised this happened at a Trump Rally?" asked White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, on Friday, after Donald Trump failed to correct an audience member at a rally who asserted that President Barack Obama is a Muslim. Earnest went on to ridicule the racism of the Republican base and the candidates who refuse to correct such sentiments because they want the get the votes of US citizens in favor of discrimination.  That's of course giving the racist candidates a pass by making them seem as though they're only pandering. In fact they're pandering racists. 

While I like the White House's lack of f--ks given, after all,  they're  free from the madness of  the campaign trail, the real question should be -- so what? This is America. We have Muslims here. They can run for public office. Islam is no more dangerous than Christianity, Judaism or any other religion. The faith, belief system, or lack there of, of any candidate, should only be a concern when it overrides the constitution -- we're lookin' at you, Carson and Huckabee.

Now let's hope Trump is starting his inevitable slump back to the bog of reality TV.