The Ted Talk You weren't Supposed to See


Nick Hanauer, a self described "super-rich" entrepreneur, gave a compelling TED Talk about how the real job creators are the middle class—not the super-rich. Though in the past TED has released over 100 different political videos, they thought this one was too partisan to release. Under pressure from many internet sources, TED finally relented and released the video. Hanauer only mentions political parties once by saying that they both use the term "job creators," which establishes a hierarchal relationship between the working class and the wealthy. Considering TED talks such as Jonathan Haidt's on the moral roots of liberals and conservatives we found Hanauer's talk to not be any more partisan than previous TED presentations. What do you think?

Chris Anderson, from Ted, offered this response in regards to Nick Hanauer's talk and the inevitability of the video going viral.