Syria: Behind the Lines


Warning: Contains graphic images of war casualties. This Frontline documentary on the Syria civil war depicts the horrific events many of the refugees we will be speaking to have endured. Once outside of Syria they’ve found safety, but their future is uncertain. Some are left permanently disfigured and disabled. The homes they’ve fled have since been destroyed. Family members have been killed. Almost all are stranded in subpar living conditions with no dignified means to support themselves.

As casual observers we get caught up in the violence of war. It’s hard not to when you see images of your fellow man being barbarously slaughtered. But we shouldn’t lose sight that, even when the fighting ends, the after math of war can be just as devastating.  That’s why it’s my goal to raise international awareness that the people of Syria need all the help the international community can muster. A problem of this magnitude cannot be solved purely from the outside, but we can do our best to help some of these people return to a life filled with dignity and respect.

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