So You Want to Play Nintendo? Ok. Let's Play!


It's no secret to those of us addicted to the internet that our attention spans are shrinking. People can't seem to read for as long as they used to. Teachers are struggling to retain the attention of their students. News broadcasters are trying to get shorter stories out faster at the detriment of democracy. Just now, in fact, odds are you thought about leaving this page to check your Facebook or Twitter and/or you scrolled down to see how long this post is. Yet despite this relatively new phenomenon, the video game industry has thrived by making games longer, more complex and at times even physically challenging. The gaming industry has surpassed Hollywood as the highest grossing sector in the entertainment market by doing exactly the opposite of what almost every medium has had to do to "keep up." In the process the video game industry has lost some people who enjoyed the gratification of being able to play a game and have it be over in a matter of minutes. In that since, the original Nintendo was made for this epoch. It's longest games such as Zelda and Prince of Persia, although it usually took much longer to beat, could by theory be beaten in two hours. Final Fantasy, which didn't get created until 1990 could be beat in 14hrs of play. By the time the third Final Fantasy came out it took nearly 100 hours to beat.

Cell phones have brought back the shorter game and enhanced it with the touch screen, but many of these new games, even the coveted Angry Birds, don't have the finesse of Mega Man 2 (It's out on the iphone but the screen is too small). Nintendo Emulators for PC's were big in the computer geek world during the nineties but have seemed to fade away. However, we at Bold Type stumbled upon some free emulators and roms for Mac and PC. It's nice to take a break from writing and play a round of Gradius or RC ProAM. I'm sure you'll find the same satisfaction as we do. Here's a couple trusty emulators the NES and the  Snes. Roms (games) can be found here: NES ROMS and Snes ROMS. If you're looking for other systems from Atari to Neo Geo they can be found at as well.

Happy time wasting!