Police Brutality at Occupy Cal

police brutality

While peacefully exercising their constitutional rights campus police took to brutally bashing tuition paying UC Berkeley students and community members today.

The protesters, despite campus policy, had established an Occupy Cal encampment on Sproul Plaza to stand in solidarity with the Occupy Movement. Like many campuses participating in Occupy Colleges much of their protest has placed focus on the privatization of educational institutions. As they voiced their concerns chants of, "Education is a right" turned to, "Stop beating students!"

As video of Rick Perry's campaign ending gaff  viral, and as Penn State's students turn over vans and destroy street lights in defense of sexual abuse -- all while the media refrains from calling their actions violent -- There are breaches against the second amendment which, as unpleasant as they are to witness, should be featured on every major news source's homepage.

For more information The Daily Cal is providing updates on the Nov. 9th actions here.