Occupy Art


"I don't paint things. I only paint the difference between things." -- Henri Matisse Every cultural movement leaves in its wake a sea of art. Over the past two months the Occupy Movement has not only brought the world some stunning photos, it has inspired quite an array of posters, prints, and paintings. Although many boasting recycled images from yesteryear slathered in new slogans have been created hastily, due to obvious time constraints, intricate drawings, paintings and brilliant digital images created by exceptionally talented artists have been surfacing -- in abundance.

It's often said that all art is propaganda. In a world where we're under the constant assault of advertising, that's no surprise. Art is also activism; and activism is an integral part of the democratic process. As art education erodes through poor funding and marginalization, so has our democracy. In that spirit we've put together an extensive gallery featuring some of our favorite works inspired by Occupy Wall Street. From a Monopoly board made by the one and only Banksy, to Occupy posters from Moscow, the range is extensive. Many of the works have been created with the intent to be distributed and copied for free, so crediting their creators wasn't possible. If you know who painted or designed a particular poster let us know and we'll be sure to add due credit.

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