Livestream from Ukraine: At Least 9 Dead as Protesters and Riot Police Clash


Kiev - Protests have been raging  in Ukraine since early November, when president Viktor Yanukovych decidedly gave in to Russian pressure and relinquished signing treaties that would have opened the country to a trade agreement with the European Union. Today the clash has grown more violent, with at least 9 people dead. Currently police officers are showering the crowd with rubber bullets as protesters torch vehicles, as well as lobbing petrol bombs and  stones, in retaliation. Below is a live feed from the center of the revolt, Independence Square. [youtube]Y_LFrMcoEm4#[/youtube]

Ukraine's hryvnia currency has fell to a five-year low since the conflict began. If a resolution is not decided upon soon, Ukraine could face even greater economic hardship beyond their current situation for many years to come.