Help Us Tell The Stories of Syrian Refugees

Everyday nearly 2,000 Syrians enter Jordan to escape the brutal civil war. With your help I plan to travel to the Syria/Jordan border this summer to document their stories. (for more information about my project click here). My colleague Jordan Hattar and I will be blogging daily at Bold Type, and our work will be featured in any publications interested in our on-the-ground reporting and political analysis. Last year Hattar worked in the Za'atari refugee camp and was able to raise funds to build semi-permanent housing for several of the most needy families. His work was featured on the BBC, but little attention was paid in the U.S. This year Hattar and I are in the process of securing a meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah to discuss this dire issue and the future of the 1 million Syrians seeking refuge in Jordan. We also want to investigate the systemic elements that may hinder future prosperity for these brave people.
We will be working along side Syria Deeply and members of the Clinton Global Initiative to build semi-permanent housing for families who will be struggling to survive the harsh winter ahead.  What I'm requesting is your generosity. I'm in need of funding to hire a translator and cover some of our expenses. I also plan on bringing needed supplies to the children of the camp. We will be documenting where everyone's donations are going since we believe transparency is greatly important.  If you can't afford anything at this time, no problem. Please at least pass on my page by clicking the link below.
Thank you immensely,
Deric Mendes