Get Jiro! Anthony Bourdain at SDCC


Noted chef, author, and world traveler Anthony Bourdain has finally released his graphic novel "Get Jiro!" Vibrantly illustrated by Langdon Foss and José Villarrubia, "Get Jiro!" features a raging sushi chef in a near-future Los Angeles who casually slashes and decapitates militant vegans and soy sauce slathering sushi noobs.

Besides his two hit shows "No Reservations" and "The Layover," Bourdain is gearing up to tackle several other new ventures, including a game show with British TV chef Nigella Lawson, set to debut next summer on ABC, and a new cultural show on CNN starting next year; he will also be appearing on the poorly rated cable news channel as a regular commentator.

As for his dabbling into the comic book arena, since hitting the shelves last week "Get Jiro!" has beaten out two Batman books and is currently #1 on the best-seller list. Rage on, foodies!