VIDEO: Diggin'...The art of Brian Woida


Humboldt County artist Brian Woida has done it all. He's a DJ, painter, sculpture, record collector, rockin' guitarist in bands such as The Ravens, and the best damn barista in town.  His latest art show, Diggin'...Can You Collect Them All? sets out to show the interconnectedness of music, as well as all the mediums he frequents, through collage. Unlike most vinyl junkies, Woida organizes his collection by color. That's right, color. A while back he took about 30 photos of his collection and carved them into geometric patterns. He then had them printed on a multitude of objects including skateboards. Now he's taking the experimentation to a new level by creating replicas of album covers found in his collection by collaging with the photos of that very collection.

Here's Brian "Mantease" Woida explaining the process and inspiration behind it:

To see more of Woida's work you can follow his blog: Brian DJ Mantease Woida  and be sure to check out his December show at The First Street Gallery, 422 1st Eureka, CA.

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