7 Reasons Students Should Support the Looming CSU Strike

With a state-wide CSU strike most likely going down in just a couple weeks, many students have questions about how it will impact their education and whether or not they should support their instructor's "Fight for Five."

The greatest fear for many CSU seniors is that the strike will delay their graduation. That's a completely reasonable concern. The California Faculty Association (CFA) has stated on several occasions that a strike will not hinder graduation. The administration can end the strike whenever they wish by providing faculty with a 5% General Salary Increase (GSI) as well as a 2.65% Service Salary Increase (SSI) for eligible faculty. The CSU system has the funds; they've said themselves that it's a matter of "priorities" not monetary constraints. The more students who stand in solidarity with the faculty, the shorter the strike will be.

Another question on many student's minds is how or if faculty pay directly impacts the quality of their education. 

We put together this chart answering 7 of the most common questions students have about the looming CSU strike. Based on the data, if students want to get what they're paying for, supporting the faculty's #FightForFive may be their best bet.