Congregation Defends Pastor's Call to Torture and Kill 'Queers'


The bigoted, bloated, vile pastor of Providence Road Baptist Church in North Carolina, Charles Worley, is proof that you can get away with saying and doing the most heinous things if you just claim it's in your holy book. In fact, like Worley, anyone who wants to shackle their leadership to a religious intolerance may be able to gather a group of undereducated bloats to follow their mulish siren song right off the edge of history.  Not too long ago a video of Worley's anti-gay sermon calling for all the "lesbians and queers" to be rounded up into concentration camps behind "electric fences" until they die, went viral.  It should be of no shock that electricity is never mentioned in the Bible (Yes, pun intended).  Now Members of Worley's congregation are speaking out in his defense with uninhibited stupidity, obnoxious cliches ("Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."), and all the glorious trappings of discrimination. As it stands, the more hatred these loony mongers spew the greater disservice it does to their cause. For that reason, I was able to take a moment from watching videos of cute kittens to check out this video.