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The Motivic Structure: Music Is Life

Years ago a friend of mine, an obsessive, Brahms-idolizing composition student, lent me a copy of his latest discovery. It was The Thematic Process in Music, a classic 1951 book by Austrian musicologist Rudoph Reti. The work’s thesis is simple: it’s all connected. “All the themes of one movement,” Reti writes, “In fact all its groups and parts—are … but variations of one identical thought.”

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With Pink City, Jennifer Castle Earns Her Place on the Roster of Great Canadian Songwriters

I’ve always bristled at the term “American.” When used from the perspective of the U.S., it engulfs all of North America (and cuts off Mexico, Central and South America). Viewing “American” music, one may not notice the number of Canadian artists who have contributed and influenced considerably the greater “American” music canon, especially in the recent century. Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, The Band and The McGarrigle Sisters are just a few examples, not to mention the stream of contemporary musicians/ bands, including Mary Margaret O’Hara, Arcade Fire, Chad VanGaalen, The Sadies, The New Pornographers, Constantines and recent entries such as Mac Demarco, The Barr Brothers and The Shilohs. There should be a place at this Canadian roundtable for Jennifer Castle.

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