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My So-Called Pregnant Life

I woke up this morning on my back and immediately turned onto my side. If you sleep on your back, then you risk compressing the vena cava and that will keep blood and nutrients from your baby. Sleeping on your left side is best. That allows for the greatest blood flow. Unfortunately, this morning I can only manage the right side because I slept on the left too long last night and now I have shoulder pain. But now, I’m launching myself out of bed by my arms because I’m going to have diarrhea.

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The Motivic Structure: Music Is Life

Years ago a friend of mine, an obsessive, Brahms-idolizing composition student, lent me a copy of his latest discovery. It was The Thematic Process in Music, a classic 1951 book by Austrian musicologist Rudoph Reti. The work’s thesis is simple: it’s all connected. “All the themes of one movement,” Reti writes, “In fact all its groups and parts—are … but variations of one identical thought.”

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