Best Republican Facebook Freak Outs From Last Night's Election


Once it was announced that Obama won the election Facebook was flooded with posts from crazy Republicans freaking out about the coming apocalypse. Here are just a few of the glorious ones we stumbled across...

It must be a cold day in hell.

"Now you know why Biden had that Silly grin." Well yes, but do you know why I have a silly grin right now?

 "You shall die a grueling death by way of KFC!" - Pres. Obama

Yep. It's been the "Indians" all along.

They act like we took the country from them, but nooooo...

they took it from us! Oh, and Tex Mex!

I will!

Just so you're not confused, Mississippi is his boyfriend's name.

Remember that part in the Bible about being a Mormon?

We've made it to self-hatred. What a ride.