A Staffer's Life Sans Super PAC

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson is finally pulling the plug on Newt Gingrich's tired campaign, but that doesn't mean the work has halted for all of Gingrich's staffers. All though Gingrich has cancelled his public appearance dates, his staff is still on the trail with his wife, Callista Gingrich, promoting her children's book "Sweet Land of Liberty."  The book's main character is a time traveling cartoon elephant named Ellis. Which means that now some underpaid staffer, once perhaps lugging gas cans and other props up to the stage for Gingrich to wave around, is now dawning a furry elephant costume. The only positive thing for the poor staffer is that at least now he can hide his face.

In a Publisher’s Weekly article about the project, illustrator Susan Arciero clearly stated that “Callista Gingrich came up with the idea for Ellie the elephant.” The author has denied deliberately choosing an elephant as a symbolic act, saying “It is not a ‘Republican’ book or a ‘conservative’ book. It is a pro-America book.” She also claims to not be a Stepford Wife.