A Romney Administration Would Have No Democracy On PBS


Mitt Romney wants to end funding for PBS and NPR. Besides all of the educational programs which help close the gap in literary skills and elementary mathematics for low-income kids, countless specials such as The United States of Poetry, which aired this spoken word rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Democracy," would risk never being made. This effects more than just people sitting at home in front of a screen. Pat Butler of the Public Media Association, which lobbies for PBS and public radio, alleges that hundreds of rural radio stations would end immediately funding is withheld.  Many educators use PBS specials such as the critically acclaimed series on the civil rights movement, Eyes on the Prize, in their classrooms. Without federal funding such historically viable programing will succumb to ratings based fodder.  And for what? To shave 0.012% off the federal budget so it can undoubtedly become a further educational expense down the road? Lets listen Leonard Cohen and think about this for a minute.  

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson brilliantly put the size of PBS and NPR's funding into perspective: