A Horse Called Trump

Donald Trump may simply be a Trojan horse used by the GOP to usher in its clown car of candidates offered this time around. They needed someone to draw focus from Jeb Bush’s Scarlett Letter Law and from every heinous comment made by Ben Carson – but only for a moment. That plan has backfired. Trump’s now the frontrunner.

The majority sees through him and doesn’t buy that he believes all the shocking statements he spouts, but there is a segment of our country that find his “honesty” refreshing. Perhaps the GOP underestimated the crassness of some Americans.

David Koch and the Trump. 

David Koch and the Trump. 

In the beginning, it felt like he was going to drop out after having suffered all the lashes of criticism launched by the Dems or anyone with a functioning mind. Things have a changed. A monster has been created. Because of his popularity, other candidates are now actually mimicking his shocking little blurbs. Like a slobbering puppy with a new toy, Scott Walker just jumped all over Trump’s crazy idea to end birthright citizenship. Even Carly Fiorina gave it a hedged nod.

The question now is whether Trump has what it takes to truly be a rogue. Very soon, we will find out if this has been one big publicity stunt or the real deal. Being the only candidate not backed by the Koch brothers, does he have the connections and funds to stay in the race? According to Politico, he has been denied access by the Koch’s to their top-of-the-line data-mining firm, i360, as well as barred from speaking to their conglomerate of conservative mega-donors. Will they take it a step further and actually launch a smear campaign against him? Is a smear campaign even possible? He already seems utterly despicable, yet he is polling so highly. One thing is certain; the Koch brothers do not want a candidate they can’t control. That will make this election one of the most fascinating we’ve seen in a while.