30 Renowned Writers Speak Disbelief in God


Writers such as José Saramago, Margret Atwood, Phillip Roth, Ken Follet, Arthur Miller, Ian McEwan, Phillip Pullman, Salman Rushdie and more speak about God and their disbelief. Ian McEwan:

If you have a sacred text that tells you how the world began, or what your relationship is between this "Sky God" and you, it does curtail your curiosity, your sense of wanting to unwrap these mysteries. You simply say 'well it's a mystery, or the mind of God, no one can read it; God moves in mysterious ways.' It cuts off a source of wonder. Again, I would want to claim for atheists a much greater and livelier sense of interest and connection with the world. A sense of its wonders, but its wonders that are amenable to our curiosity and can be unwrapped by them, with delight. 

take one step on the basis of someone else's work to unfold just one more aspect of how curious, complex, and lovely the world is. The loveliness of the world is not apparent to me in Islam, Christianity, or all the other major religions. It seems to me as if it's like mentally you tie one hand behind your back and you close yourself off  the free inquiring spirit.