There’s Nothing More American Than the 14th Amendment…and It’s Under Attack

In my experience, every American holds the constitution in reverence, but few know what’s really in it. Naming off what individual amendments connotate would undoubtedly prove problematic for countless US citizens. Unfortunately, I’m sure that the most well known of all of the 27 amendments is the hotly contested 2nd - even if many ignore that “well-regulated militia” part.

Too Scared To End War Crimes In Syria

It’s been two years since the Ghouta chemical attack in which Bashar Assad crossed Obama’s famous, yet inconsequental, “red line” by slaughtering upwards of 1,000 people with a single sarin gas attack. Air raids targeting citizens consisting of mainly of shells, barrel bombs, and chlorine gas have only increased. Last week Syrian government forces launched a brutal bombing campaign on the town of Douma killing at least 82 people and wounding hundreds. As has been typical of such attacks, it barely registered a blip in western news.  It’s no secret that Bashar Assad has gotten a pass to terrorize, torture and slaughter Syrian citizens. While the geopolitics at play in Syria are quite complex, the failure of the international community to put a no fly zone in place, or take any due action for the regime’s unremitting and blatant war crimes, rests heavily with the U.S. Congress.

My So-Called Pregnant Life

I woke up this morning on my back and immediately turned onto my side. If you sleep on your back, then you risk compressing the vena cava and that will keep blood and nutrients from your baby. Sleeping on your left side is best. That allows for the greatest blood flow. Unfortunately, this morning I can only manage the right side because I slept on the left too long last night and now I have shoulder pain. But now, I’m launching myself out of bed by my arms because I’m going to have diarrhea.

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The Whores in O’Reilly’s Parking Lot

There is a damp wind coming in from the west and I’ve got my window down. I’m going south on Western below the Hollywood Freeway. A smattering of whores in sparse and suggestive attire are curbside discussing tonight’s menu with men in cars. I pass a couple of cuties then wheel into a strip mall at Lemon Grove Ave. A long-legged dusky babe wearing mostly nothing has her head in the window of some other guy’s car. Her big bare ass jiggles like gelatin on canned ham.